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2 weeks ago @ 3:05PM


  1. Welcome/Introductions – AD Team
    • Administration – Erik Naglee (Principal), Christian Hill (AP), Folice Bailey (AP), Candace Hudson (AP), Charles Carter (AP)
    • Athletic Director Team – Matthew Harder (Athletic Director), Justin Scarbro (Assistant AD), Lindley Ivey (Assistant AD), Russell  Mills (Assistant AD), Nate Conte (Assistant AD)


  1. Tryouts/Official Star to Fall Season - Thursday, August 1st 2019


  1. Folder Requirements – Documentation
    • Valid/Current Physical – GCS Form (395 days)
    • Gfeller-Waller Concussion Form
    • Parent Honor Code
    • Student Honor Code
    • Athletic Participation Form
    • Pay-to-Play – Only complete after tryouts
    • 2 Proofs of address


  1. Athletic Trainer – Lindsey Braddock
    • Injury Reporting/Procedures
    • Medical Attention
    • Rehab/return play
    • GCS Athletic Insurance/GCS Website – Ask Lindsey Braddock for help
    • Team Physician: Dr. Tim Murphy of Murphy Wainer Orthopedics


  1. Gfeller-Waller Act
    • Concussion education – signs and symptoms
    • Academic State Law and Athletic State Law


  1. Academic/Attendance Eligibility – Based on Spring Semester Grades (not Final Grades)
    • Pass 5/6 or 5/7 classes
    • Minimum 2.0 GPA
    • Attendance – Minimum 85%


  1. Proofs of Address – Need 2
    • Utility Bills – Power (Duke), Gas (Piedmont Natural Gas), Water (City of Greensboro)
    • Mortgage/Lease/Rental Agreement
    • License/Voter Registration – (May use one from this category but must be paired with one of the above)


  1. Inherent Risk Warning
    • All student-athletes and their parent/guardian are alerted to and should understand (and accept) that some risks and obvious hazards are inherent by the very nature of participation in any athletic sport. These risks can range from minimal injuries to catastrophic injury. If you have any specific questions of possible inherent risks in your child’s sport, contact your child’s head coach or athletic director for further explanation.


  1. Sportsmanship
    • NCHSAA Ejection Policy – Suspension and online courses
    • Ejection Free
    • Roles – Player, Coach, Official and Parent


  1. Page Social Media/Website

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